A Window To A New Reality

     Have you every experience something too unfathomable to conceive? A life changing event that you are apprehensive to share, due to the magnitude the idea represents? You are not alone...

     Christopher Onorato, LTD.©,  is abstract and surreal photography, aiming to capture the viewer's imagination by exposing the unseen realm of the preternatural. Employed are various photographic techniques to unveil the subtle energies of the Pleroma-working quietly in the background of our visual perspective. Energies, not normally registered by the naked eye. The goal is to share the captivating reverence and grace of this ephemeral phenomenon with a robust audience in effort to dilate and expand the mind's palate.


     The images captured are of irreplaceable events and the unique cameos of astral entities, unbound. The photos have been run through filters to pronounce and accentuate these particular manifestations and curiosities. No extra content has been embellished to these works, outside of photo-illustrative manipulation of color and contrast. Challenge your perception.

**Galleries will be updated regularly**


~~~ G A L L E R I E S ~~~


And then shall they see the Son of Man coming in the clouds with great power and glory...”

”Mark 13:26

Currently, Christopher Onorato Limited©, depends on contributions from viewers like you, to help forward the cause. Any level of donation is greatly appreciated to further expand the process in capturing these images, and future research and development to the art. Thank you.