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Florence Biennale International Art Expo

The Florence Biennale International Selection Committee (CIS) selected me to participate in the XIth Florence Biennale, which will take place in Florence, at the Fortezza da Basso, from 6 to 15 October 2017.

The Florence Biennale is the major contemporary art exhibition in Firenze (Florence, Italy), where it is regarded as an outstanding showcase of the international contemporary art production. Within the framework of the Florence Biennale, "Lifetime Achievement Awards" are conferred to individuals who have reached pinnacles of artistic achievement for their contribution to culture: Marina Abramović, David Hockney, Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Gilbert & George, Anish Kapoor are among the recipients in the past editions.

Stay tuned of more info.

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to May 2

Amsterdam Whitney Review

I recently exhibited at the Amsterdam Whitney in Chelsea, NYC. They were kind in reviewing my works with a very flattering press release:

Press Release:


“VORTEX of the HUEtopia"                                                                   MARCH 31-MAY 2, 2017   
"Diane Arbus stated, "A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know." Translating the mysterious into visual manifestations, photo-illustrative photographer Christopher Onorato specializes in capturing images of supernatural events. Aiming to capture the viewer's imagination by exposing the unseen realm of the preternatural, Mr. Onorato's saturated photographs are both abstract and surreal with spacial intensity. Translating flowing energies into haunting silhouettes, perceived reality takes on startling new dimensions as Mr. Onorato’s awe-inspiring photographs compel us to observe that which surrounds us and to reexamine what we thought we understood.

Capturing auras and energies that are hidden from our visual perspective, Mr. Onorato’s photographs result in lyrical mindscapes that redefine time, space, and location. “These works are of cameos of beings sometimes referred to as spirits, entities, apparitions, angels, demons, and astral hosts,” Mr. Onorato explains. He continues, “I am graced by their presence.” Once photographed, the photos are put through filters to pronounce and accentuate each curiosity. Rather than indulging in photo enhancing manipulation, Mr. Onorato employs them with admirable restraint in the service of a singular aesthetic vision and without adding any additional content to the photograph. Dramatic in composition, daring light, and dazzling color scheme, his phantasmagorical photography is a visual puzzle- revealing hidden mysteries and submerged narratives of human emotion. 

 A master at probing the viewer to question the uncertain, Mr. Onorato’s dreamlike, imaginative juxtapositions transports us to hidden universes as he invites us to search for hidden truths beyond his pictures. Seamlessly fusing the seen with the unseen, a rich vocabulary of fantastical, abstract photography is innovatively created to establish a unique photographic and visual language. Enhancing the mystical auras in each composition with vibrant color and commanding contrast, the ethereal auras are perceived as captivating abstract objects, frozen in a timeless space. 

Optically, as well as physchologically revealing, this international photographer's art expands his viewer's personal vision and spiritual connection with the unseen. An active photographer in the New York City area, Christopher Onorato is a frequent feature in solo and group exhibitions. His unending quest to manifest the invisible and often unrecognized spirituality of the world has resulted in widespread acclaim."

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